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Connect to our 45-year commitment to patient safety

For 45 years, Baxter has offered hospital pharmacies a comprehensive line of FDA-approved syringes designed to prevent misconnection with other devices. In an effort to prevent wrong-route delivery (misconnections) of fluids and gases, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in collaboration with the FDA, AAMI, and clinicians, has developed a new standard to reduce the likelihood of tubing misconnections, ISO 80369.

Baxter, in support of this global initiative to enhance patient safety, is introducing the enteral ENFIT syringe and accessory line (including tip caps, pharmacy bottle caps, and transition connectors) that complies with IS0 80369-3 specific to enteral devices.

Connect to Baxter benefits

Baxter’s unique benefits and background in the enteral connection space will provide our customers with the tools and resources to help support your teams and enable a seamless ENFIT implementation. We are equipped to ease the transition for our customers in three key ways:

  1. Complete ENFIT product portfolio
  2. Manufacturing capacity to meet your needs
  3. Dedicated customer service

Connect to product availability and manufacturing capacity

Baxter’s supply chain extends from producers of raw materials to end users of its products. Given its size, scope, and complexity, Baxter’s efforts in this area play a central role in the company’s overall sustainability efforts. As a healthcare company, maintaining a safe, secure, and reliable supply chain has a heightened importance as it is essential to ensuring patient safety.

Connect to dedicated customer service

Nearly 45 years in the enteral connection space have given us the time and experience to fine-tune how we serve a host of customers. Hospital pharmacists, nurse clinicians, nutrition support team, and risk managers all know they can count on us to meet their needs.
Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of the devices mentioned herein, refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use.

USMP/MG100/17-0008 5/17